Emirates A380 aircraft York JFK International Airport quarantine suspicious Homers

To the 14-hour flight from Dubai to more than 100 passengers on Emirates A380 aircraft arrived at 9:00 am local time Wednesday on the New York JFK International Airport, this action has been isolated from the Airport.

Mer Suga indeyo situation is suspected

Emirates Airline

Currently, according to US media ABC and one passenger aboard the Emirates A380 has 521 people and these passengers showed symptoms of fever and cough airport police and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)The airplane was isolated action.

Emirates Airline

According to Emirates Airline pilots have said that some passengers cough and fever showing 37.7 degrees.

Emirates Airline

Amid how many passengers are not sure that this seemed a fever and cough

NBC New York boindago E. In the more than 100 passengers on the symptoms of the current aircraft Emirates Airlines passenger side showed symptoms of 10 people preached that the current weakened.

All other passengers also has said that soon landed halgeot.


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