2 times higher than the Statue of Liberty is the world's largest statue of Patel, India

India 10 0 months 31 days coming two times higher than the Statue of Liberty in.

India is expected to stand western Gujarat example and reuma is the world's largest statue made in the river dam over 3 years.

The Government of India wrote a statue to commemorate the one person Patel of the leading figures of the early 20th century independence movement

The cost is the amount of approximately 4,682 million 299 million Hanwha Ruby.

Patel statue

Patel statue is the capital of India, Mumbai(Mumbai) The statue is located near the artificial island, the visitor center and museum, There is a gazebo.

The project attracted Modi(Modi) Prime Minister preached would be able to attract a lot of tourists, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Patel statue

Patel is an Indian politics(1875~1951)It was to lead a national movement with Gandhi, After independence he will spend the Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of the Interior of the Nehru cabinet personage wrote force to integrate the Emirate.

On the other hand, while Patel statue changes in the government after I'd been planning an initial 98 meters to 212 meters has become the world's largest statue of height.

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