Park Jung Ah jeonsangwoo next spring maternity pregnant couple married in just two years

Park Jung Ah jeonsangwoo couple preached the pregnancy news to two years of marriage.

Park Jung Ah's agency Jellyfish Entertainment "We are delighted that Park Jung Ah jeonsangwoo couple to the pregnancy news came two years after the marriage," she said the 5th preached the pregnancy news.

Park Jung Ah

Park Jung Ah is neundeyo posted a wedding at the end of the last meeting in May 2016 with the introduction of the 15th August met acquaintances and professional golfers jeonsangwoo 1 year 6 months

Park Jung Ah

At the time the agency has "could be sold to one who, thanks to the deep love and infinite trust of the prospective bride while the communion" of the marriage announcement said that preached "the prospective bride also falling in love with caring and warm look of Park Jung-ah.".

Park Jung Ah

Park Jung Ah is I have a steady work after marriage

2017Year was also rocking a villain role in "Jean haerim 'role in KBS2' The Secret of My Man ', It was a special guest appearance in Japanese popular drama "Lonely Gourmet 'Season 7.

Park Jung Ah

And also it appeared like musical hero haetneundeyo activity as a musical actor

It because steady work after marriage eopeotneunde the pregnancy news jyeotneyo time deliver the pregnancy news

Park Jung Ah's agency said, "next year, Park Jung Ah is currently dedicated to health care and prenatal care're ahead of the spring to early pregnancy, childbirth," he preached.

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