Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo gimeunah Chae Shi-ra husband gimtaeuk wedding company staff

The last two days shows "Ugly our kittens’ Gimeunah one who appeared as Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo in the marriage was known as the company director to run gimtaeuk.

Gimtaeuk transformed from a singer to a businesswoman am currently it operates a total wedding company called "child families SC 'who appeared as Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo minutes called manager gimeunah being nine years working as a wedding planner section.

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

Gimeunah Mr. neundeyo to Dan appeared on our Ugly chicks with matseonnyeo the last two days Kim Gun Mo and beautiful smile captured the hearts of viewers, as well as Kim Gun Mo

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

Kim Gun Mo neundeyo day is met through matchmaking matseonnyeo companies that operate best friend, singer yimusong

Against Japanese opponents in the opposite house, 38-year-old office worker who was gimeunah.

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

Band of the same age nayicha, Dan and breath studio mother looks are starting to stir haetneundeyo

Mr. Kim Gun Mo gimeunah the first meeting also made a fairly nervous look.

Kim Gun Mo has guided spot with great manners, and start a dialogue for ordering the menu.

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

Gimeunah said "In the past, tall, white tea is like a person look good in jeans. But I realized that the inner important than the exterior. "He said

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

Kim Gun Mo "How naejusyeot time nya?"Let's say that gimeunah" is so honored. Good to see you, "I had greeted.

Kim Gun Mo haetneundeyo is trying to show a good look seemed to have a crush on Mr. gimeunah

If you do a joke that "I'm a low mental age," saying the drone certification was saying, "that if the certification is not the old problem" led to the atmosphere.

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

After a while the atmosphere was awkward, it became Kim Gun Mo Tae Jin-ah is a request for help yimusong two men came into the room looking for help against the the Kim Gun Mo.

Gimeunah then he said, a moment that seemed puzzled look seemed to adapt quickly to the atmosphere.

Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo

Meanwhile Tae Jin-ah said, "Look over your head behind the ear" to Mr. gimeunah he asks looking at the ears of gimeunah said, "these words Excuse me, I ear seems to be your birth to twins," he said make it embarrassing Mr. gimeunah the wrong story It was also.

Mr. Kim Gun Mo matseonnyeo gimeunah 'child families SC(Kids Wedding)’ Haejimyeon previous post I'm thinking that the staff of doubt over whether the broadcast appearances for the company to promote

In contrast, children Wedding’ Sides “Not a promotional appearance”He said.

Following the company gimeunah manager working for the company if the company matching the couples preparing for marriage, he added ahniramyeo was a personal choice in mind you would like to find a mate.

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