Sim Care married four years older than her husband fully representative Fitness girls

Sim Care husband married girls gaze focused

Sims was the chief upped married last day of the four-year-old business associations.

Sim husband is gonna trump known as a celebrity fitness company representatives in Seoul

Fitness Professionals Association Director and fitness-related business as of lectures are also those who are active.

Sim premier wedding

Sim's premier haetneundeyo also introduce her husband's meeting with his Instagram

Sim preach the July 31 wedding news chief has said that "man is a friend and then stayed with friends naturally while doing fitness side was acquainted dating only twice.".

Sim premier wedding

It followed, saying, "often can not be seen" for two hours over the years gave the next to keep the deundeunhi uniform appearance. "(?) The man called cuddly and love that even the ugly appearance, Sometimes it is really also want Was the pod and cover the eyes, "he preached.

Sim premier wedding

The Sims Care completed the wedding left a honeymoon husband and 10 days in Spain.

Sim premier wedding

Sim chief gathered the topic 'en jjangnyeo "after starring in" Departure Dream Team' in 2016.

After appearing in various entertainment program and became popular, Currently it is operated by a diet of home training YouTube channel 'negative life'.

Sim premier wedding

Sim premier wedding

Beginners are also easy to undongbeop to 4 months depending on the itgido holds more than 50,000 subscribers.

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