10000000000000000 weeks eupcheon breakwater east coast black sea bream points

The eupcheon breakwater located in Gyeongju Yangnam-myeon.

Eupcheon Like most of the breakwater Breakwater Breakwater also consists of a large and a small breakwater.

The main target species are black porgy, Bengeodom, I'm like mangsangeo

Eupcheon breakwater

Fish this is a species that is primarily breakwater jjinaksi popular.

Black sea bream will lead you from early September until late fall start is where you can meet the winter, sometimes in big black porgy CR late 30cm.

I'd bengedom start at the end of May a full-fledged season is from July to November.

Eupcheon breakwater

Looking at the black sea bream eupcheon Breakwater Point bengedom

A large breakwater, B, C is the main point point black sea bream and bengedom Point is a small breakwater point D.


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