Come to direct MacBook Naver Weil

That is using Internet Explorer Google Chrome released in a slower rate because from 2008 is one of only using Google Chrome until now.

While using Chrome Firefox, I 've used the Safari What now stand hand ripen Google Chrome hadeoraguyo the most part

In particular, automatic translation halttaeneun search for foreign sites is a favorite feature is really very heart,.

Then it came that contains a new browser.

Just indeyo Naver Weil

Naver is the end of the Wale hesitate Let's spread the news that the official release haebwatseupnida installed on the idea of ​​trying to install one decision.

Atmospheres using the MacBook has a download and install the Mac Naver Weil.

Naver Wale download

Naver Weil

Naver Weil is a download screen.

Download its mirrors at the above address.

Naver Weil

Naver Whale installation is the same as the existing installed Mac programs.

Naver Weil

Naver Weill installed so take long time andeogunyo progress

The end was soon installed.

Naver Weil

The default screen after installation is complete Naver Weil.

Naver Weil

The screen to choose whether or not to start any page when you open Naver Weil.

I set up a new tab page.

Naver Weil

Naver Weil is a settings screen where you can select the shape and color browser.

Naver Weil

We have now completed all settings Naver Weil.

Naver Weil

I came to finish all the settings, which is Naver login screen

Feel and functionality of Google login Google Chrome yiralkkayo

Naver Weil

I think the screen to log in to a few hours ago PC login user, if several people are using Please set up a public PC. D

Naver Weil

Voila - Naver Whale installation is complete.

Come to simply use Naver Whale darn thing really yideogunyo

When you enter a search term in the address bar when using Google Chrome there is a direct search on Google There are no such feature Naver Weil.

If you just enter a search term in the address bar's ability to show the Naver search immediately

Naver and Weil am also translation

Naver Weil

Go to the CNN site, look at the top right of the screen, I'm your language is displayed

Click on the guys when I can be translated as the screen.

Naver Weil

It is translated to the screen Naver Weil.

Forward Wales Naver I think these guys often use

Look more carefully we will introduce the various functions again.

Oh, and speed did not feel any slow or stutter is georinda

Click and at the same time was a floating feeling Fak.

If people are wondering when the right to Naver Weill installed, try to install it now



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