Jaejoong Super Junior Sungmin now expire global public

Group JYJ Jaejoong 30 am underwent jeonyeoksik in Yongin 55 divisions.
Jaejoong is the last day of March 31, 2015 in Paju entrance haetneundeyo first four recruits training Jaejoong has completed the basic military training is an obligation of gunbang for 21 months in the Army 55 Division gunak bottle.

Jaejoong Sungmin \Jaejoong Sungmin

Jaejoong Sungmin

Jaejoong Sungmin
Meanwhile, Super Junior's Sungmin we have a global 30 days Super Junior's Sungmin is enlisted in hyeonyeokbyeong March 31, 2015 was the day after working throughout 21 months in the Army 17 Division Band.

Jaejoong Sungmin

Jaejoong Sungmin

I have so many fans in cold weather came ~

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