Video Jung Joon-young press conference today Flirting taken video content

Jung Joon-young is the accused were to all women with rape last 23 days there were reports.
Agency after Jung Joon-young said, "Jung Joon-young had just canceled the accused was charged with the general population of women and that women are accidental misunderstanding blossomed," said said "private Happening".



Following Jung Joon-young is preaching it for being under investigation to prosecutors "non antragsdelikt to the songchi the prosecution, irrespective of whether the nature allegations as" said "no further investigation is necessary to Jung Joon-young in the prosecution report there seems to be ildanrak as cleared.".

Haebomyeon seems to clean up the scanning side of their claims was a dispute between the two ex-girlfriend and Jung Joon-young. Jung Joon-young and had an ex-girlfriend during yieotneunji after yeotneunji former girlfriend sued for sexual assault Jung Joon-young's anger exploded after arguing with ex-girlfriend was canceled immediately complained to think that're gonna Oh no this isnt. And Jung Joon-young is a catapult that would receive the survey form




The Friday night the situation is Yogi up popped this case Jung Joon-young. There is no reason to lie to the agency Jung Joon-young of the atmospheres Well ... I thought it was no big deal Moly.
But the real incident erupted the next day.
Jung Joon-young is reported as a concrete fact, Jung Joon-young accused the prosecution case is awash in a new phase.
The reason for Jung Joon-young accused was found to be "without donguieul before shooting a woman friend a body part, not a sexual assault.
Naohmyeonseo Jung Joon-young, that reported a 21 night which appeared to be a fixed member has a growing number of website articles that require the Jung Joon-young off.
That much Jung Joon-young will receive a severe blow to the image.




Jung Joon-young is open to 25 pm press conference, he said that coming directly communicate their position with respect to this case..
Jung Joon-young today in press conference question and answer is no neundeyo he said that there would be only the position of Jung Joon-young Jung Joon-young expressed at a press conference today, “Who accuse women who accuse me, but this is now history lovers a girlfriend now and maintain a relationship with a good friend” Innovation “Video call up to the controversy is the fact that the video taken by a practical joke at the time was dating earlier this year that the video was immediately removed” Said the.

Following Jung Joon-young is “Of course, it was the hidden camera was not broke in the process of becoming careless with busy schedules contingency basis to report the fact to shooting. Since I was songchi the prosecution to prosecute the police acknowledged the comments received regarding this fact Shooting. Women has said that prosecutors dropped the charges in the investigation and was not taken at the time of the compulsory police confirmed the fact that a measure such as Ewha” Said the.
The girlfriend, who is accused Jung Joon-young and figured I'd already had two or three times a petition filed by petition alleging cleared of Jung Joon-young.



정준영16.jpg Jung Joon-young's ex-girlfriend was taken to the 6th month of Jung Joon-young said the accused allegedly raped.
However, sexual crimes, regardless of the complainant and the doctor there is a police investigation proceeds police Jung Joon-young is songchi the case to prosecutors 24 days last month on charges taken during the part of the body related to the ex-girlfriend to sneak into the camera.
Since then Jung Joon-young movie shooting information is jarb were taken under the agreement was flirting video immediately cleared and now it is known that does not exist.


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