Pyo Chang-won interview to cool in a logical stone fastball

In addition to the recently gave an interview Pyo Chang-won and joined the Democrats have turned into a political expert in criminal psychology ttuleo popped in the Cul.


Mbc Pyo Chang-won the last 30 days one appeared in the news anchor and BIG5 vs Kim Hyung - o 1 1 Neundeyo divided the daring Kim Hyung - o anchor and Lee, referring to the hostage happened in the day to the Moon Jae-Pyo Chang-won I am the representative office “There is a need to spend directors cases painfully accepted but not preferred. The statement did represent something wrong”He asked.


In fact, I think that doegin question from the anchor is wrong. Moon Jae said that's not representative of this incident happened to a fault..


This is Pyo Chang-won “The problem really is the case for the statements represent, Do you think the responsibilities associated with” I said to Kim doemuleot anchor The anchor is embarrassed and Kim “Paste the slow driving only a strange behavior of low molecular weight….”Hvar was young Pyo Chang-won said the horses are haetneundeyo President Park Geun-hye is the presidential candidate at the time cited the case strung razor terrorism “It is the chairwoman of the posterior wrong”I asked Kim to Kim anchor anchor again “He was a lunatic” This is said Pyo Chang-won “The minute it came out that mental disorders”Innovation “Different depending on the person? Differ depending on the situation? It is not the same case” Cornered Kim said anchor.


In Pyo Chang-won was on his Twitter last 28 days “We like, Nazi persecution and invasion, A victim Jews and France and the European countries have not eaten never sell "forgiveness and reconciliation" in the money myeotpun. Even without asking the opinion of the Management victims' five years the government’ Who has sold a handful of gwonryeon” It said one day maengbinan the comfort Agreement.

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