Saemaul makmal M abusive shocks

Saemaul makmal abusive shock MF crew

The shocking images came up on Youtube. Moving images of Saemaul makmal remaining indeyo male video for pumping crew to open all kinds of insults at the Saemaul train No.. I'm stuck with these groups whilst swearing in a public place..


Last August 6, the day when 120 indeyo video posted two passengers aboard a train in the cafe Saemaul train compartment within 30 minutes using the standing room around the table.

Cafe staff to a ahjeo upon which sit on the seat next to me on the floor trying a little bit different showcases the legs bunched And there disturb other guests walked danineunde”Then I asked and the man is the more he insults and personal attacks can not bear to hold in the mouth for female employees.


The movie came out some time ago that a young man makmal to the elderly minutes from the metro to the main shock eotneundeyo This time, Hardy's a really shock you this makmal minutes to young people elderly.


How can the world be like that bath…


Saemaul makmal South View video right

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