Smart phone credit card payment terminal “At page”

Smart phone credit card payment terminal “At page”

The approval without a credit card terminal will introduce smartphones available only credit card payment terminal, pay at.

At the meantime, do not pay the credit card terminal can be used by all companies gyeokdeon difficulty Credit Card.

At page

Smart phone credit card payment terminal to pay at will by simply connecting it to the smart phone earphone insertion convenient payment terminal for payment cards.

At page

At page fits in a small pocket volume compared to conventional portable wireless terminals are quite attractive in the sense that I do not need a separate charger.

At page

Pay at the door-to-door sales, taxi,Visit Cleaning, Car Rental, Deputy Operation, Director agency, Used car for sale, delivery,Delivery, Electronics A / S, Rental Purifier, Juice / milk delivery, Vans, Etc. The existing card payment himdeuldeon available from all manufacturers.

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At the moment this page you need


Smart phone credit card payment terminals at Download page go free >>

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