Sonyoungmin drunk driving accident

KIA Tigers pitcher sonyoungmin This was booked as a drunk driving accident.

Sonyoungmin(25)Is a September 21 morning drunk driving accidents dwaetneundeyo charges within detention
According to the police sonyoungmin is accused of colliding with a vehicle that gotta morning at 3:00 a.m. near the 21st Guangzhou West Bus Terminal road parking is drunk drunk driving their cars Sportage.

Sonyoungmin drunk driving

I'd be chiyeotdago sonyoungmin is appropriate to cancel the license to the police dispatch at the time of the blood alcohol concentration of 0.129%.

Who is behind the vehicle sonyoungmin have a drunk driving accident in sonyoungmin college student who was riding in the seat grandmother(20) The injuries suffered by Mr. More casualties are not.

Police booked without detention to an alleged violation of the Road Traffic Act to sonyoungmin sikyeotgo one ear after investigation, It said it plans to investigate the cause for the reinforcement sonyoungmin.

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