Park So-hyun Secret Garden Ending public

Park So-hyun released to the Secret Garden Ending Tweet emitter

Park So-hyun broadcasters may become subject to disclose the ending of sbs Drama Secret Garden causing the recent topics.

Park So-hyun is the last one his Twitter May 8, “These days, the drama of the topic 'Secret Garden' is how would end?” Secret Garden was released to take a picture with a scripted ending of the message.


Information in pictures “answer : Thank you for watching so far (It ends with)” Witty phrases that are stated.

Internet users are facing a Twitter Park So-hyun “Oh blah funny ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ”,  “Perhaps! Best answer “, ” bingo! Secret Garden Inn gwangpyeon I look correct answer” Said shows the witty answers that are as good as Park So-hyun.
The Secret Garden in ahead jongmang suffering a scenario such as that spills over, but, try to think over whether the second most popular drama in 2011.

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