Early supermassive black holes found 5 million times the size of the sun

Second supermassive black hole, this was found to be a topic.

Last 5 days(Local time.) US Space Agency(NASA)Haetneundeyo released 10 captured by the black hole Photo Space Telescope, press star. ".

Published photographs two seconds supermassive black hole is located on the left side of the galaxy contained hundreds of millions of light years away.

Second supermassive black hole

In particular, more than doubling its size is known mothandago come away with about 50,000 solar light density was enormously interested attention of netizens.

Second supermassive black hole

Second supermassive black hole
Professor of physics at the British Durham University, David Alexander "The second supermassive black hole while trying to investigate the existence of black holes was accidentally discovered that there 10 or" said "through the second mass black holes found at this time expect the future, thousands of black holes will find more , "he said.

Second supermassive black hole

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