Park Si-yeon married four years older jeunggwonmaen Who?

Park Si-yeon who is married prospective bride?

Park Si-yeon had a wedding announcement.


Park Si-yeon wedding



Park Si-yeon has come up with a wedding in November 19 Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. The prospective bride's Park Si-yeon is gonna jeunggwonmaen known as Mr. dusk met through a second meeting this year

Two people have already ended devotees fact that in March it had officially known as the Park Si-yeon itgido gyeolhonseol on time in April.

Park Si-yeon through the agency of the press release “I think that sorry, I got news to proclaim the marriage Press”Said “I will work hard to be a good example of a happy home.. Taps asked many congratulations”I said that.


The Department of Park Si-yeon is married and has transmitted the congratulations messages flooded from many netizens and fans.



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