Indonesia Jakarta City. Shootout

‘Jakarta blasts’, ‘Indonesia’

Open fire and several explosions near sarinah department store in Jalan M H Thamrin in the commercial areas of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, killed at least six people, local media reported.


The explosion of the first local time occurred in the parking lot of a Starbucks coffee shop in the skyline 10:50 sarinah department store and an adjacent building. After the 10 minutes between Jalan Tomlin and Jalan K H and reported the Jakarta globe six additional explosion took place at the police station at the intersection of the item.


Just reported that the explosion took place in the three other of medium pace. Explosion at another Starbucks said in a suicide bomb attack, he added.


Prevent external access for car blast near police, waging a shootout with suspects. Placed about 500 police in the area.


Until now, the identity of the suspects had not been accurately and clearly. Just Anton Charles Police spokesman said that Indonesia becomes the center of the world Iran’s threat came militant gunmen in the Sunni Muslim country (IS) in the local media.


6 people including three officers of citizens three explosions and shooting were killed. Police said some of the suspects that Otto Thailand took. Said is another police suspects many people hiding in a nearby building, and are pursuing them. Local media Metro TV reported that the suspect and up to 14 people.

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